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Jan Mitchell,

Certified Grief & Mindfulness Coach, Author, and Advocate


Grief is a universal experience, yet its manifestations can be varied and unique. My journey through grief began with the loss of my spouse in 2017. Currently, as a caregiver for a parent diagnosed with dementia in 2022, I discovered that grief is not limited to death. The weight of caregiving, the end of relationships, or pivotal life changes like job transitions or remarriage after a loss, can all be sources of grief.


It's essential to recognize and honor our grief. It's okay to not be okay. But it's equally important to know that healing is within reach.


Grieve with intention. Heal forward. Live purposefully.


With you on this journey to healing,

Jan Mitchell

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Jan Mitchell
Certified Grief Wellness Coach

Jan Mitchell is the heart and soul of She Moves Forward, Inc., originating from the dynamic city of Indianapolis, Indiana. As one in a family of five siblings, Jan stands out with her radiant spirit, tenacity, and resilience. Her life journey took a poignant turn with the loss of her husband, Stephen Lee Mitchell, shortly after Valentine's Day in 2017, ending their 5 1/2 year marital journey. Intimately familiar with the profound layers of grief, Jan confronted it head-on, consistently advocating the principle of healing forward. She encapsulates her philosophy with, "The moment I allowed myself to feel is the moment I chose to heal." To Jan, life means not just enduring but truly flourishing.

As a notable writer, Jan's works include "Suddenly Single: Surviving the Demise of Your Relationship" and "Suddenly Single: Navigating Grief While Colliding With Purpose." Her insights echo on platforms such as WISH-TV 8, Gospel Grind Radio, and the "Speak Up Sis" podcast. Furthermore, her journalistic talents shine brightly in publications like "Our Journee Home" magazine. Expanding her reach, Jan has collaborated with various healthcare organizations, particularly focusing on caregivers' grief, especially those affected by relatives with dementia.

With her credentials as a grief coach, Jan blends her personal journey and professional knowledge to lead others towards authentic and purposeful healing. She wholeheartedly advocates for the transformative essence of "HEAL FORWARD."

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Absolutely, I'm here to help. Taking the first step towards "Healing Forward" is brave, and I commend you for it. Remember, every journey begins with a single step. Let's take it together.

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