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"Suddenly Single: Navigating Grief While Colliding With Purpose "

"Suddenly Single: Navigating Grief While Colliding With Purpose "

In this personal, mini-memoir, Jan shares her journey on the road of life when she became SUDDENLY Single. Her transparency is the tell all for what life became when she lost the love of her life so ‘SUDDENLY.’

With no clue of what lay ahead, Jan decided to exercise her courage to pick up her pieces and move forward. She was determined to see what God had in store for her unwanted but necessary new beginning. From the perils of grief to the highs and lows of her newfound singleness, she learned that her life had not ended, but was just beginning.

If you are a widow who became lost after the death of your spouse or know a widow who could use a fresh perspective on life, then this book is a must-have! For your new life to be born, you must be willing to plant the seed for it to grow, and this book is that seed.

Walk through the pages of this book and watch the seed you plant begin to take new shape and form. It’s time….. Unleash your greatness!

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