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Day 2 of Love Month: Reaching Out with Appreciation ❤️

Day 2 of Love Month: Reaching Out with Appreciation ❤️

Today, as part of our journey through Love Month, I want to remind you (and yes, I'm fully aware that love should be a daily celebration🥰) to take a moment to reach out to someone who has been a pillar of support in your #grief #wellness journey. Whether it's your spouse, significant other, parent, children, pastors, lay members, boss, coworker, or anyone else who's been there for you, let them know how much you value their presence in your life.

Make a call, send a text or an instant message, or even mail a heartfelt note. Whatever method you choose, express your gratitude for who they are and the significant impact they've made on your life.

I want to lead by example in this challenge and express my heartfelt thanks to you, my clients, for entrusting your grief wellness journey to She Moves Forward, Inc. Your courage and trust mean the world to me.💜

Here's to a month filled with love, appreciation, and healing. ❤️


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