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She Moves Forward, Inc

..... exists as a haven created for women who have faced one of life's most daunting challenges: the loss of a soul mate, regardless of age or circumstance. We also extend our embrace to women caregivers, offering an oasis for grief wellness and self-care. At our core, we believe in the transformative power of compassion, unconditional love, and unwavering support, which can turn the seemingly unbearable into something bearable. It has the ability to reshape tragedy into honor, legacy, and holistic health for survivors. Our mission is simple: to truly listen to you, without judgment, and to provide you with the tools and support you need to embark on your healing journey, on your own terms.


As someone who has personally navigated the loss of a spouse and currently embrace the role of caregiver, I intimately understand the profound impact of grief, the journey of self-discovery, and the vital importance of self-care. At She Moves Forward, Inc., my approach to grief coaching integrates diverse methods, from expressive therapies like "Scream & Throw...Something!" to mindfulness practices and journaling, all aimed at guiding women through healing and self-care in the aftermath of loss or while navigating the challenges of caregiving. Our commitment is unwavering: to provide each individual we serve with empathetic, evidence-based support tailored to their unique journey.


​Whatever the need, I'm here to listen & support you.​


With love,


Jan Mitchell, Certified Grief Coach & Founder

Heal Forward

Grieve Well. Heal Forward.  THRIVE Purposefully.

Grief takes on diverse shapes and sizes. Beyond the heartache of losing a loved one, women may grapple with unique forms of grief, including the strain of caregiving, and more. In times of loss or significant life changes, having a supportive community that truly listens, empathizes, and "gets it", is paramount. Our grief wellness programs are designed to help you navigate these challenges, empowering you to grieve in a healthy manner, heal, and ultimately, thrive. Recognizing and honoring your emotions is the first step toward healing. When you're prepared to take that step, simply click below to begin your journey forward.



  • You're looking for someone who isn't looking to fix you, but will instead support you with endless compassion, empathy and  love.

  • You're looking for a compassionate, empathetic ear.

  • You wish someone could just listen to what it's really like to live without the love of your life .

  • You're tired of feeling unheard, misunderstood or guilt-tripped when you express your desires to  explore love again 

  • You feel stuck in your grief and don't know where to start to pick up the pieces of your heart..

Personalized Grief Coaching

  • You long to be supported and encouraged in remembering the person you dearly love in a healthy way.

  • You're open to exploring grief wellness support in a holistic, creative & non-judgmental way.

  • You 're interested in exploring journaling, painting, and other creative modalities to express your grief/feelings



  • You long for a space where you can feel cared for.

  • You're tired and simply need to be heard

  • You long for a "village" where you can not only be heard, but connect with valuable resources to  empower you as a caregiver.

  • You long to be encouraged on how to manage your sense of identity while caring for your loved one without judgement


  • You long for someone to walk with you, uplift and encourage you, to create a safe, healing space to express the challenges of caregiving.

  • You desire education on how to embrace & view caregiving with joy & not as a burden


  • Some or none of the above, but you would love to work with Jan!

  • It's ok not to be ok! But we also support that it's ok to heal. All feelings and experiences are welcome.

  • You seek a positive, comforting and healing environment.

  • You desire grief education workshops for your corporations or non-profit organization.


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Make a Difference Today!



She Moves Forward, Inc., passionately uplifts women's mental well-being through holistic grief coaching, fostering self-reliance, resilience, and an enriched quality of life.

We proudly stand alongside women navigating the profound loss of a spouse or the weight of caregiving responsibilities, empowering them to embrace holistic self-care through personalized grief coaching. Our mission is to provide widows and women caregivers with the essential tools to grieve, heal, and THRIVE!

By supporting us, you champion a transformative societal shift, advocating for women's healing journeys in families, businesses, churches, and beyond. Join us in creating a world where women are fully supported in their pursuit of holistic well-being.


She Moves Forward, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.



Thank You for Your Donation!

“Thank you for the wisdom you've shared (regarding the caregiver's grief), putting it ALL to use right now!

Dr. B. Hudson, Indiana

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Are you passionate about making a difference and supporting those on their grief wellness journey? We'd love to have you on board. Reach out to us, and a member of our team will respond to you soon.


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